LMP Márta Demeter

Márta Demeter, who earlier quit the parliamentary group of the opposition Socialist Party, will continue as a member of parliament officially cooperating with the green opposition LMP party.

Demeter, who stepped away from the Socialists in January, said in a Friday interview to news portal Index that she was not for the time being joining the LMP party but “our joint work that is now official may lead to entry into the party”.

She said that after the 2018 general election she intended to take an active role in political life but was as yet undecided how exactly. This would depend on LMP’s various bodies and the electorate, she added.

Demeter said the reason why she had departed from the Socialist Party was it had become clear that “they are willing to cooperate with Fidesz at any time, whether individually or with their business interests, thereby helping the regime to stay in power.” She called this a betrayal of Socialist voters and activists.

Meanwhile, LMP has assigned Demeter to the post of deputy chairwoman of parliament’s budget committee. She replaces Erzsébet Schmuck, LMP’s deputy group leader, who told MTI that Demeter would boost the number of LMP parliamentary committee representatives to two.

Also, given that LMP’s group is expanding to six members, the party will request a place on the economic committee, Schmuck said, adding that she would like to take this position.

LMP, which is currently selecting candidates for individual seats in next year’s parliamentary elections, will put forward Demeter as a candidate, Schmuck told MTI.

Source: MTI

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