The European bureaucracy’s moves towards Hungary concerning migration have been “unfair, unlawful and anti-democratic”, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén told the Budapest Forum for Christian Communicators on Wednesday.

Semjén insisted that the EU had “invited” migrants to Europe “without asking us; now that they are here they seek to distribute them”.

He went on to say that unskilled migrants would be “forced onto” Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Semjén noted the dividing line between economic migrants and people persecuted because of their political stance or religious beliefs. Hungary will help “all true refugees” and meet all its international obligations, he said.

Concerning the persecution of Christians, Semjén said that it included relativisation and suppression of Christian values in Western Europe, not only the persecution of Christian communities in the East.

He noted that Hungary’s government has so far helped some 50,000 people in the latter category.

Migration is bad, because one cannot live their life in their homeland, Semjén said, adding that situations in which people are forced to emigrate are primarily caused by bad governments.

Source: MTI

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  1. Hungary and the other Visegárd group have shown real spine in standing up to the globalist, internationalist, bureaucrats in Brussels … These people have taken a trading relationship and turned it into a “government” – promoting their agendas ignoring the impacts on countries such as Hungary.

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