Budapest, June 1 (MTI) – Migrants at a detention centre in Kiskunhalas, in south-eastern Hungary, demanded better conditions and faster procedures in a petition, local police reported on Wednesday.

Out of the facility’s 500 inmates some 300 supported the petition, and complained about their confinement and slow bureaucracy, the police said on its website.

A Syrian spokesman for the detainees encouraged the crowd to set off on a march on Budapest, but the police said it would prevent them from leaving the centre and “maintain public order and security”.

György Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief domestic security advisor, told public news channel M1 that the detainees involved in Wednesday morning’s “incident” demanded that they should be transferred to an open refugee camp and decision making concerning their asylum applications should be accelerated.


Bakondi said, however, that Hungary’s laws are “applicable to foreigners or migrants; procedural deadlines defined by law cannot be modified under pressure from the detainees, nor can they be transferred to open camps.” He added that detainees at “guarded facilities” were typically migrants sentenced by a court for “illegal entry or other crimes”, who have applied for asylum “to avoid expulsion”.

The chief advisor also said that negotiations with the migrants were under way and that they were “not likely” to break out of the facility or attack police.


  1. They have no right to make demands. They are fed, given a place to live and if they are genuine refugees they are safe from war. So they can take their demands and stick them where the sun does not shine.

  2. Send them either to the Middle East or to Belgium. Bunch of thankless migrants. Part of an invading army that does not belong in Europe.

  3. When these migrants are dealt with in these camps, and their request are denied, where do they go. Do they get pushed out of the country?

  4. They can freely protest in their own countries! Nobody asked them to be in Hungary, they are given food and shelter for which all are ungrateful nor have contributed towards the costs. They should be deported immediately. If it would be up to me, they would be shot on site, when they enter illegally.Bunch of stinking free loaders!

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