While the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of problems since last year and many businesses have experienced their most dire situations or had to entirely close, some of them are trying to renew and conduct developments to draw in more customers after the strict measures are gone.

This is what many baths are trying to do, and Gyula Castle Bath is no different. According to Magyarépítők, the spa is planning on increasing the capacity of its main building and establishing new pools and a thermal palace.

The Gyula Castle Bath has won a tender and will receive financial support for developing the bath’s infrastructure, renovating older pools, buildings and operating machines.

At first, the facility has to make space for the new thermal palace. In order to achieve this, the bath is planning on demolishing an old operating building between the riding hall and its wellness building. This will free up space, but the functions of the operating building have to be relocated. The bath plans to add most of its original functions to the main building. This will make things not only clearer and more streamlined but also more straightforward and higher quality.

The new thermal palace will include at least two new indoor pools and at least one special pool, which you can swim through to either the indoors or outdoors section of the pool.

This will significantly increase the overall capacity of the entire bath. There will also be a passage to the cupola wellness and the sauna park, and it will accommodate a unique “Medical Wellness Centre”. According to the plans, the new palace will include another pool bar and other service infrastructures to accommodate for the increased capacity of the Gyula Castle Bath.

Gyula Castle Bath Várfürdő Aqua Palota
Gyula Castle Bath awaiting customers Source: facebook.com/varfurdo

If you are dying to be visiting baths again, we have bad news for you, but the Gyula Castle Bath has virtual tours on their website, so you can map this aquapark and plan out exactly which slide you are going to use when the strict measures are over. And if that is not enough for you, you could buy your own Turkish bath in Budapest so that you can enjoy the thermal water of Hungary all by yourself.

The second aspect of the development is the augmentation of the Gyula Castle Bath’s main building. In order to account for the overall increased customer capacity, the capacity of the main building’s changing room, which is currently 1,000 people, will be increased by at least an additional 750 places or possibly even 1,000, doubling the original’s capacity.

The bath also plans on establishing a separate private changing room with sanitary facilities for their staff.

The designs include the addition of a gym to the main building. More people mean more food, so the Gyula Castle Bath plans to create a new restaurant with a kitchen and a capacity of 100 additional customers. It will either be a separate unit next to the existing restaurant section, or the capacity increase will be achieved by modifying the current restaurant to meet the requirements.

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Source: Magyarépítők.hu, Várfürdő.hu

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