Apátsági Rege Cukrászda
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Hungary’s special tastes can be enjoyed throughout the entire country. However, its sweetest delicacies should be tried in the best pastry shops. Dear sweet-toothed readers, let us give you some tips about where you can find Hungary’s best confectioneries in the countryside. 😉

Mihályi Patisserie – Vác
Mihályi Patisserie
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In the last three years, the 12-year-old Mihályi Patisserie has been ranked as the best confectionery of the year. It can be considered as the Hungarian pioneer of French-style pastry. 

Due to its unbroken success, experts can report that Mihályi Patisserie is the best pastry confectionery in Hungary.

Besides such Hungarian classics as the iconic Dobos cake or Rákóczi cottage cheese cake, several avant-garde pastries are offered based on French and Italian inspirations.

Rege Confectionery – Tihany
Apátsági Rege Confectionary
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As Hello Videk reports, Rege Confectionery of Tihany was reopened three years ago, with a completely new image. It has become a classic pastry shop by now, providing unique offers to its customers. Rege is operated by the Tihany Abbey; therefore, one of its unique offers is that its assortment includes the Benedictine Abbey’s own products, local sweets, the herbal tea of Father Gellért, as well as liqueurs and local beers.

Bergmann Confectionery – Balatonfüred
Bergmann Cukrászda
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The iconic confectionery in Balatonfüred operates as a family business, recalling the atmosphere of the classic civil pastry. Besides traditional Hungarian desserts, several “home-made” specialities can be tried thanks to Bergmann’s own creations. According to its guests, you can taste Hungary’s best cream cake here, while another favourite is the locally baked bread.

Damniczki Confectionery – Székesfehérvár
Damniczki Confectionery
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The popular confectionery of Székesfehérvár has been operating for more than 25 years. During this long period, Damniczki’s special ice creams have won several awards. Meanwhile, moving in the direction of New Wave French desserts, old, traditional recipes are combined with a modern, contemporary approach.

Desszertem – Miskolc
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If you would like to discover a French-style, modern dessert shop in the region of Eastern Hungary, then Desszertem is the ideal place for you. Their essence is the combination of quality materials and technological knowledge.

Harrer Chocolat – Sopron
Harrer Chocolat
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Harrer, the Austrian confectionery dynasty, has been in operation for four generations. Their family business looks back on a long history. In Hungary, their first shop was opened in Sopron in 1995. Over the passage of time, Harrer chocolate shop has become very popular. The special confectionary perfectly represents the values ​​of knowledge, professional experience, and high quality.

Sakura Confectionery – Nagymaros
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The unique name refers to the cherry blossoms in Japan, providing such a breathtaking view to its guests at the Danube Bend.

Sakura has a wide range of French desserts, along with special small cakes, creamy cakes, Millefeuille, and a fancy cake selection.

Sakura offers breakfast and speciality coffee as well. In the spring and summer season, its terrace provides a relaxing atmosphere to its guests.

Százéves Confectionary – Gyula
Cadeau Bonbon
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The meaningful name, “100-year-old Confectionery”, refers to the long history of this special pastry shop. It was founded in 1840 by confectioner András Salis; therefore, this year, it celebrates its 180th anniversary.

Professional hospitality and first-class raw materials characterise the Százéves Confectionary, offering “home-made” quality cakes, ice-creams, and Cadeau handmade bonbons.

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