During springtime, there is nothing more fabulous than walking under the beautiful flowering trees and get involved in the magical world of blossoms. Forget about recent difficulties and join us for a special tour. Come along to explore the wonderfully shining Japanese cherries and the most amazing flower gardens around the world! 😉

Dark Hedges
Dark Hedges
Photo: Pixabay

The picturesque wooden path of Dark Hedges might be familiar for ’Games of Thrones’ fans, as the special Northern Irish avenue has been used as a filming location for the „King’s Road” in the popular television series.

As a result, Dark Hedges has become a popular tourist attraction, consisting of 150 beech trees planted along the entrance road of County Antrim. The awe-inspiring sight has a breathtaking legend as well; according to which, the hedges are visited by a ghost called the Grey Lady who flits across the road from tree to tree.

Parque Francisco Alvarado
Parque Francisco Alvarado
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/EVENTOSTARCERO

The special topiary is one of the most famous attractions of Costa Rica, located in the city of Zarcero. Its uniqueness can be discovered in the amazing decoration and beautiful mazes of living plants, including animal figures and a wide variety of elaborate sculptures. As orangesmile.com reports, the fascinating attraction was noted to the gardener Evangelista Blanco Brenes, being the only one who took care of the yard.

Cherry blossom (Sakura)
Cherry blossom
Photo: Pixabay

The cherry blossom – also known as “Sakura” in Japan – is one of the most fascinating scenery during springtime. Due to the temperate zone, the magnificent spectacle can be enjoyed in several countries in the Northern Hemisphere;

out of which, Japan is the most outstanding with the traditional custom of Hanami „flower viewing” from the end of March to early May.

Therefore, it is not surprising that cherry blossom is also considered to be the national flower of Japan.

Wisteria gardens

Besides cherry blossoms, Japanese flower gardens have the most beautiful wisteria in the world. Within the framework of hanami festival, you can get amazed by the awe-inspiring wisteria flower boom as well. If you are interested in the seven best places to see wisteria in Japan, check out kyuhoshi.com.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
Photo: Pixabay

Japan still abounds in beauties that can be discovered in the fascinating scenery of Arashiyama (Storm Mountain). The designated Historic Site and Scenic Beauty has several touristic attraction, out of which we should not miss the Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama, impressing visitors with its gigantic size in the outskirts of Kyoto. The exciting thing about bamboo is that it grows up to 20-30 centimetres a day, but even faster-growing trees have been recorded.

Tóth Árpád promenade
Photo: www.facebook.com/varkertbazar/

As femina.hu reports, we do not have to travel to Asia if we would like to get impressed by the blossoming trees of Japanese cherries.

In the 1st district of Budapest, Árpád Tóth promenade also provides a breathtaking view in the vicinity of the Buda Castle.

In the Middle Ages, the new promenade served as a narrow alley for military purposes. It was transformed into a promenade in 1934-36, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the recapture of Buda.

Twentysix Király Street
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