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According to, Dr Imre Gerlinger professor and director of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Pécs recently reported his exploration in the latest issue of the department’s medical newspaper.

“Mona Lisa suffered from face neuritis during her pregnancy or after giving birth. Interesting fact that Leonardo Da Vinci painted every single symptom of this disease on his world-famous portrait. Several theories and myths try to explain Mona Lisa’s strange smile.” – said the professor.

After researching the painting, several medical symptoms can be seen on the body of Mona Lisa. The most significant of them is a yellow coloured spot on her left eyelid. Another one is a 3 cms length swelling on her right hand in the line of her index finger.

According to the professor, the yellow coloured spot on Mona Lisa’s left eyelid is the symptom of xanthelasma, which is a sign of high cholesterol level. The swelling on her hand is a medical lipoma.

These symptoms are the signs of genetic metabolic disease Mona Lisa allegedly suffered from in her life.


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