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Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in Pécs

Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in Pécs

MTI/Travelo – Almost hundred, real-size inventions of Leonardo da Vinci will be presented in the Janus Pannonius Museum of Pécs, in addition at the main square a huge horse-shaped statue dreamt by the artist will be displayed – announced the Mayor of the Country Town of Baranya province on Monday.

At the press conference Zsolt Páva reported that The Genius of Leonardo,Leonardo’s Automobile and the Sforza horse exhibitions will be organized by the city museum. The exhibitions wait the visitors in two departments of the museum (Ferenc Martyn Museum and Modern Hungarian Gallery) in 1,500 square meters between 15th April and 30th September. A 8.5-meter tall horse sculpture, a copy of the Colossus – that can be expected to see from the beginning of April at the Széchenyi square, the main square of Pécs –draws attention to the exhibition.

According to Travelo, the Mayor also noticed that the exhibition – after Tokyo and San José in USA – will debut in its current form in Pécs, the first town within Europe. The Mayor reminded us to the similar event in Debrecen in 2007, but also noted that the exhibition in Pécs is bigger and different from the other Leonardo exhibition in its theme. The interactive exhibits, illustrative techniques of the 21st century mostly represent the special perspective of the genius master. Every detail can be examined that Leonardo discovered from his painting to the perspectives, forces of the nature and their special connections. Other renaissance designers will also be exhibited, as well as Leonardo’s Automobile and the “flying man”.

According to the Mayor, the Leonardo-exhibition is expected to be the Exhibition of the Year in Hungary, but presumably all over in Central Europe. “The sponsors’ names will be linked to the excellent quality and innovations, getting the show indirectly to approximately 150 thousand, directly to 5-6 million people, thus enriching Pécs city’s as well as the museum’s reputation” – said the city Mayor.

Attila Magyar, the finance director of the museum reported the exhibition items would come to the county town by two trucks until the beginning of April, but the pieces of the horse statue are to have arrived earlier, by another two trucks, in the middle of March. They plan to display the sculpture in the main square of Pécs from 27th March. The Janus Pannonius Museum made an agreement with the Opera Laboratori Fiorentini S.p.A of Florence on the transportation of the statue. The costs (more than €700,000) are being financed by the host city. Zsolt Páva also noted that hopefully the total revenue from the entrance fee of HUF 2-3,000 will make the exhibition profitable. Furthermore, they count on additional favorable impact on the tourism and catering of the county town.

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