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Budapest, photo: MTI

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is calling for the European Union to introduce a tax on multinational companies, Klára Dobrev, who heads the party list for the European Parliament election, said on Wednesday.

Dobrev was commenting on an EP report approved on Tuesday which showed that seven European Union countries, including Hungary, were operating as tax heavens, enabling aggressive tax planning by corporations. Read more details HERE.

Multinationals make use of the environment the government has developed and they pay an insignificant amount of tax, Dobrev said. Instead of serving the interests of Hungarians and the country, the government is aiding multinationals in a completely unprincipled manner, she added.

This is why a United States of Europe is needed, so that EU countries can act together on this issue, Dobrev said.

In response to a question, she said when any country introduces very low corporate tax, it harms EU taxpayers. Minimising tax often means avoiding tax, she added.

Fidesz reaction

In a statement, ruling Fidesz said that Dobrev “is again campaigning for Brussels” and insisted that if it were up to DK or the EU Hungarian families and businesses would suffer rather than multinationals “for sure”.

Fidesz also suggested that

DK “seeks to give up the right to decide on migration policy” and “Brussels bureaucrats” could determine “how many thousands of migrants to resettle in Hungary”.

Source: MTI

  1. Does the DK not appreciate that these hated multinationals create vast numbers of jobs in Hungary, employing people who pay tax? What do their friends in Jobbik think about this?

  2. Gyurcsány and his wife are the lowest of the lowest. Where did they get (their) money from in the first place?? They are Communist robbers and have the cheek to run this government down. Just who do they think they are? If either of them were in charge of this country, the country would be bankrupt in no time. Gyurcsány has already proved it. They are migrant lovers, not lovers of God and their own people.

  3. Gyurcsány & his wife has already had the chance to lead Hungary into prosperity – and we know the result…
    They should withdraw from politics and go gardening.

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