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The Orbán’s cabinet has lost all its allies abroad, an opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) spokesman said on Monday.

In the past few days, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has come under fire from European politicians as well as the US Republican Party, DK foreign policy spokesman Attila Ara-Kovács told MTI, insisting Orbán was “fighting everyone”.

He cited Gianni Pittella, group leader of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, who criticised Orbán in Hungary’s public media, and Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands, who expressed incomprehension about why Hungary’s ruling Fidesz was still a member of the European People’s Party.

Additionally, Ara-Kovács said the Slovak government, which is “deceptively presented as an ally” in the Visegrad Group, is launching a pro-EU and pro-NATO campaign. He cited Slovakia’s Ambassador to Budapest Rastislav Kacer as saying that his country would not allow “democracy to be killed” with the excuse that “we have a different view”, in which the meaning of “different” was in fact “extremist”.

Ara-Kovács also said that

the Orbán government’s “illusions” about the Trump administration had evaporated.

He referred to an open letter by Frontiers of Freedom Executive Vice President Miklós K. Radványi, representing a think-thank close to Trump, which he described as a “frontal attack against Orbán”. In the letter, Radványi criticised Orbán for trying to divide EU member states along racist, ethnic lines while demonstrating openness to Russian President Vladimir Putin and China in order to justify his policies, Ara-Kovacs added.

Source: MTI

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