The Hungarian government has toppled the European Union‘s scheme to relocate 160,000 migrants to avoid having to accept 1,000, Gianni Pittella, group leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, told Hungarian public television in an interview late on Sunday night.

Pittella called on Hungary to show solidarity towards member states like Italy, France and Germany, which have taken on several thousands of refugees and immigrants, “without the necessary support from other countries”. Hungary’s share of the burden would be minute in comparison with the hundreds of thousands in those countries, he said.

Those fleeing from war should be granted asylum according to basic principles, Pittella said, and legal avenues should be opened up for economic migration.

A sustainable, systematic inclusion of well-trained economic migrants can be beneficial for the bloc, which “faces demographic challenges and workforce shortage in certain areas”, he said. It would also facilitate the vetting of those to be sent back, he said. To reject this on ideological grounds shows irrational thinking and vote-mongering, he insisted.

Pittella warned to keep the principle of solidarity in the foreground to avoid “Viktor Orbán cherry-picking what he likes from the EU”, and leave what he “doesn’t like”. No one asks the Hungarian government to open Hungary to “all and sundry”, he said.

Source: MTI

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  1. Gianna Pittella, Hungary did not vote in the acceptance of migrants, and certainly not a quota. Hungary has said no to migrancy all along. Contrary to what you say, before and after the southern fence was built, Hungary has been accepting refugees into the country, which now total about 1800 hundred, including 800 children. All vetted. Why was the migration problem not sorted back in 2015? Why was Merkel allowed to open the European gates to so many migrants, even without vetting? Orbán Viktor was not to blame for any of it. Merkel is now in the process of sending many back from whence they came, even paying them. She also realised that about 34000 was the overall figure that were willing to work, out of about 700000. It is accepted that refugees flee from war, thats accepted, but not economic and illegal migrants looking for free hand outs and an easy workfree life. If individual countries of the EU want so called trained migrants from none EU countries, then they should keep the right to ask for them, instead of being ordered to bring them in by European bureaucrats and dictators from Brussels. A good idea was adopted by Australia some years ago, whereby anyone who wanted to settle in Australia needed to apply with-(a) proof of nationality and birth, (b) finacial backing, (c) work credentials and qualifications or proof of being a pensioner, (d) Someone to vouch for them in Australia, family or friends. (e) Social spongers were not allowed in. Orbán Viktor is not “cherry picking”. He accepts “refugees”that have been vetted. This is what should be done with all EU countries at the borders of the countries that migrants are leaving.
    Gianna Pittella, you are a Socialist, and a member of the Liberal and Socialist gang that run the EU in Brussels, and, like the rest of them you have a distorted mind of a Socialist. You, along with others in the Brussel gang are in the pocket of Soros, and none of you will change. You, Gianna Pittella, are like a “bearded PIG”, and pigs get really nasty when they get upset. Shave your ugly nasty face and put your ugly, distorted, nasty brain in order. Decent people do not think like you. I thought the days of Musselini were over. One last thing, if you countries on the Med don’t want the responsabily of migrants, WHY DO YOU LET THEM IN???????????

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