The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Tuesday that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had “inflicted defeat” on Hungary at the recent European Union summit, as “Hungary has never received such a small slice of the EU’s budget”.

Speaking after a five-day EU summit in Brussels where the leaders of member states agreed on the bloc’s multiannual budget and its post-pandemic recovery package,

DK MEP Klára Dobrev welcomed the agreement as a “huge step towards a United Nations of Europe”.

She added, however, that Hungary had received “no additional funds whatsoever” while Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta and others had succeeded in getting additional funding.

She insisted that

Hungary would get no additional money due to Orbán’s “weak negotiating power”.

Dobrev insisted that Orbán had also failed to fulfil the conditions set by the Hungarian parliament, as the European Council now only needs 15 votes to withdraw funding from countries where the rule of law is deemed to be wanting.

“It will fall to us European Democrats to replace Orbán and to lead Hungary back to European democracy and a strong lobbying power,” Dobrev said.

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Source: MTI

  1. If DK policies were so good they would still be in power. Thankfully they are seen for what they are. A bunch of crybabies with nothing to offer Hungarians. GO AWAY and find another line of work. Your a failure at being leaders.

  2. Does someone at Daily News Hungary actually read the “comments” some psychopathic people post? There is a number of serial offenders, which i suspect to be the same person, writing openly abusive posts. Here we read a comment by this offender calling a woman ” wh… ” simply because she is a politician who disagrees with the Prime Minister. This is outrageous.
    DNH wake up and filter the comments, please.

  3. Obviously no-one at “Daily News Hungary” reads the comments submitted by ‘psychopathic people’.

    Otherwise NONE of Mario’s crazy ramblings would ever be published !

  4. Mario, Had the same thing been said about Orban you would not have said a word. Sure the comment that was taken down was offensive. But lets be honest. I doubt seriously you live here in Hungary, I suspect you live in the US and work for a Soros funded NGO. You are obviously a globalist one world government open borders proponent. Most Hungarians do not agree with your benefactors plans.

  5. JR, freedom of opinion and expression should not mean posting comments with abusive remarks which target people’s familiy, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality…. One thing is to disagree on politics, another is to insult on a personal level. I will certain endorse any criticism of many, not all, of Orban’s policies, however I would never endorse any comment against him on a personal level. There is a boundary between freedom and abuse. The above troll’s remarks are far from being acceptable.
    P.s. I live in Hungary, I pay my taxes in Hungary, I have nothing to do with Mr. Soros.
    You can believe, suspect, imagine, whatever you like. You are fully entitled to it.
    All the best.

  6. Communism no passaran !
    Long live Viktor Orban the best Leader for Hungry.
    He will never sell Hungarians down the river for 30 pieces of silver to the Eurocrats in Brussels.
    The opposition can move to Venezuela, they can have all the deviants pride parade there.

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