There is one day of the year when men surprise women caring of them with flowers, thus thanking dedication, the morning tea and coffee, the freshly washed and ironed clothes, the warm dinner after a hard working day, says.

Despite this, few people know that this famous holiday did not start with so simple and romantic intents. The formation, creation of Women’s Day truly characterizes the age-old struggle of women – around the world – which was conducted to get social recognition and equal rights.

In 1910, the Second International created Women’s Day which was sought to demonstrate the attainment of the suffrage. For the first time in the world, International Women’s Day was held in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria in March 19 1911. Finally, (after the events in Russia) the date of International Women’s Day became March 8 in 1917.

According to, in our country, first commemorations of women in such this form were in 1914. In summary: women achieved their aims, they are equal almost everywhere and they can start their lives with the same rights like men. God bless the Women!

In 1910, it was determined to hold International Women’s Day in the memory of New York female workers in the textile industry strike for equal wages and the reduction of working hours on March 8 1857. The date was finalized when women in Russia demonstrated for bread and peace on the same day in 1917. The real birth of the holiday can be earlier, on the turn of the century and it was closely related to the claims of various women’s rights.

After a few decades, when women got suffrage in more and more countries, the movement achieved its main goals and began decline. During the Women’s Movement in the 60s, however, Women’s Day had a new meaning. In 1977, the UN also admitted it and picked up to one of the world’s days, says.

Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in Hungary in 1914. From 1949, the state propaganda set to its own service; however, the celebration was pushed back after the Regime Change. It is interesting that March 8 is a public holiday in Russia nowadays.

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