litigated for one and a half year in order to have the Museum of Fine Arts give them the information on where the new Finance Director of TV2, Gabriella Halkó stored the 10 antique paintings borrowed from the museum. After the court’s final decision it has been revealed that the paintings were in Szerb utca 9., 1st floor No. 1 apartment, which is officially rented by the former mother-in-law of Árpád Habony, the Prime Minister’s adviser, told.

The museum lent Brand Lab Consulting Kft. 10 Renaissance and Baroque paintings made between 1600 and 1700 and worth HUF 292 million (more than EUR 943,900). The company that is owned by Gabriella Halkó and László Jáksó previously produced the public television’s unsuccessful series called Marslakók (Martians), and Mária Habony, sister of Árpád Habony, was also a member of the company. The apartment is rented by the mother of Fanni  Kaminsky – who currently manages the Facebook site of Viktor Orbán.

The museum lent the paintings for a net HUF 15 thousand (ca. 50 euros) per picture per month for three months. Among the paintings there are two Antonio Diziani paintings, Nymph in a Landscape and Satyr in a Landscape; two Francesco Simonini paintings, a Maffeo de Verona and a Gerrit van Blonchorst painting as well, reported.

The Museum of Fine Arts went to the Curia, because they did not want to tell where the artifacts – which are parts of the national wealth – are.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/KovacsDaniel

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