website reported that together with The Hungarian National Tourism Office they are looking for a video blogger: the winner can travel around the whole country free of charge and on top of that, the winner will get HUF 1 million as a salary. What the winner blogger has to do is to post videos and write articles about his/her experiences during the 10-week-long journey.

The lucky one is going to discover different touristic regions and destinations every week and a three-member professional crew is going to travel with him/her for ten weeks. They will make 8-10 minutes long video diaries that will appear each week. Besides, the traveller blogger has to write blog posts to an online platform, thus the curious minds will know everything about those famous or hidden Hungarian venues.

Furthermore, the eager video blogger has to deal with different – in some cases risky – tasks such as filming in the air, trying some crazy sports like the wakeboard or skydiving, exploring caves or enjoying the Balaton Sound Festival. For this reason, it is important that the candidates have to be over 18 years old.

How to apply for this exciting adventure? Well, just make a 60 seconds’ long film in which a touristic sight must be presented. Then send it to the website and wait. Each applicant can upload more videos and films. The lucky one will be selected by the professional jury of the Index and Travelo websites. According to, the application deadline is 17th, June; the results will be announced on 23rd of June, while the adventurous journey is going to start on 30th June.


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translated by Valentina Leanyfalvi


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