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Driver shooting at cyclist in Budapest

Driver shooting at cyclist in Budapest

Motorways frequently become fields of conflict. Driving requires much patience and empathy. Pedestrians are annoyed by drivers, drivers are annoyed by pedestrians, and both are annoyed by the cyclists. Though surveys show that people today desire peace and tranquility more than ever, the difficult situations in traffic sometimes bring out aggression.

On Monday in Budapest, a conflict of a car driver and a cyclist lead to a minor, but still shocking shooting. Luckily, nobody got injured, according to Népszava. Though Budapest is relatively well-organized concerning both transport and public security, sometimes such incidents happen.’s report describes the events like the following:

It happened on 6 November 2017 at around 5 pm in District VII, Budapest. The driver of a car and a cyclist began arguing about a conflict concerning traffic issues in Izabella Street.


In the heat of the argument, the driver shot at the cyclist with his gas alarm gun, and then drove away from the venue.

The cyclist did not get injured.
After a short research, the inspectors found out that the car was driven by Ferenc B., who was arrested by evening in his flat in Dugonics Street, District VIII, Budapest. The police found the gas alarm gun in the man’s car and they have confiscated the weapon.”

We haven’t got any information about the subject of the argument before the shooting, nor about its manners. We do not know who was wrong and who was the one acting more aggressively. We do not know what state the two parties were in at the time of the conflict, as the announcement does not give such details.

We only know that such an incident can occur in the traffic of Budapest.

This shooting might serve as a reminder that the lack of patience in everyday life might lead to unforeseen consequences, even in a famously safe capital.

Source: Né

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