reports that Hungary is second best among the top five Central-European countries, from the point of view of hotel bookings, this way surpassing Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The reason why tourists choose Hungary as their holiday destinations is that they feel safe here.

According to the Hungarian National Committee of Hotels and Restaurants, Austria (with more lodging options than Hungary) is the first on the list considering the value for money and the number of nights tourists spend at hotels. Hungary follows as second, with hotels performing 66.5 percent better than those in the Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia, up until the end of April.

Among the top 35 European countries with significant tourism rates, Budapest is on the 15th place as far as accommodation is concerned, this means that the Hungarian capital is ahead of Athens, Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Istanbul, Moscow, Bratislava, Rome, Saint Petersburg or Sophia.

In the first four months of 2017, a 14.5 percent rise in the number of tourists can be noted, compared to last year’s results, all because of the good Hungarian security. The National Committee’s findings focused also on the nationalities of the visitors: most of them are from Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Great Britain, Austria and the US.

Unfortunately, the majority of the tourists only visit Budapest, so steps should be taken to make the countryside more attractive. Still, there is an 11.2 percent rise in the number of visitors in the countryside just in the period between January and April, compared to 2016, but this should not be satisfactory. There are beautiful places worth visiting outside Budapest as well.

If you’re interested, here are some of the best choices for you to get to know Hungary better, be it culture and architecture, Hungarian countryside, or relax by the water.

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