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Driving night time buses in Budapest is more dangerous than driving immigrants

Driving night time buses in Budapest is more dangerous than driving immigrants

“It’s more dangerous to drive a bus at night in Budapest than driving immigrants at the Southern border “– stated a BKV chauffeur. He said that this system is voluntary, a little excitement after the treadwheel. Chauffeurs are also hoping for some extra money, but there’s no word about any kinds of compensation yet.

“I’ve already had to ask Italians to get off the bus, and I have surprising stories about the Brits as well” – says a BKV chauffeur, who first volunteered to have a little excitement and extra cash, but soon realized that it’s more dangerous being a night time chauffeur in Budapest than driving immigrants around.

According to him, immigrants are extremely exhausted people and sleep through the journey most of the time, or just check the GPS on their phones to know where they are at the moment.

The chauffeur heard stories about immigrants threatening bus drivers, but he has never been in such a situation. But, he said, immigrants sometimes get off the bus through the window when they stop to rest. The worst thing that he regularly experiences is the smell and the thrash they leave behind – but he judges no one, knowing that immigrants rarely have the chance to take a decent shower.


The one thing that is unclear, according to him, is why immigrants leave so much thrash behind, untouched, but opened food packages, almost full bottles of mineral waters, etc. However, no immigrant has done any damage to the buses ever, which regularly happens with night time buses in the city.

As a person with a keen interest in weapons, the chauffeur also realized that there’s no ammunition in the weapons police officers are carrying. At first he was scared, and then realized that these illegal immigrants do not want to harm anyone – they only want to survive.

That’s why he is stunned by the armoured Hummers that escort the buses from the Croatian border to the nearby train station. They never needed such precautions before.
The drivers, however, are deeply disappointed in their employers; until this day, they still have no idea if they will get any compensation for their work at all. Although they are grateful for the cold meals they get, they are more thankful to the police officers who are giving hot meals to them. Also, officers are provided accommodation in wellness hotels, while the chauffeurs are driven back to Budapest after their 16-22 hour shift.

Negotiations are initiated by the Hungarian Trade Union of Transport (EKSZ) with BKV. The report, received from the advocacy says that BKV is ready to modify the collateral agreement in order to compensate the chauffeurs for transporting immigrants. Gábor Nemes, director of the union hopes that the chauffeurs’ salaries in October will reflect the change.

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translated by Adrienn Sain

Photo: MTI


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