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40 high school students were found in possession of drugs in two high schools in Balatonfüred, borsonline.hu reports. There was a similar scandal in this town last year too. Then it was 20 students in a different school.

The parents are terrified. The police searched the houses of dozens of students and found several who were not only using drugs but also selling them.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that the drug mafia is alive and well in this town. The scandal just broke out; Index reported that students from Lóczy Lajos High School were caught up in drug related issues in the middle of the Baccalaureate exams. There are one-time users, dealers and minors too, who have been found in possession of drugs.

Blood and urine samples

Last Monday police unexpectedly searched the houses of several dozen students. The policemen arrived at dawn, they turned everything upside down searching for drugs. They asked for blood and urine samples and interrogated the students who then admitted everything.

Some parents commented anonymously to Index that the headmistress asked to see all the students one by one during the next day, and told them that they should start looking for a new school – they have two weeks to do this — or they will be expelled.

When Borsonline.hu visited the school, the headmistress said that the police came to her last week to ask for her help with the case. “I did not call the students into my office. They were waiting for me the next morning together with their frightened parents. They said the police caught them with drugs. They have been using drugs on school events, field trips and ski camps. The teenagers were crying, it seemed like the events have broken them” said Katalin Duna, Headmistress.

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She added that she could bring them up on disciplinary charges, but she chose not to. She did not suggest that they leave the school either, but she has a feeling that many will choose to do so on their own accord.

The police said they are investigating 14 cases on drug possession and another 8 cases on drug dealing.

Borsonline.hu found out that there was a similar case last year, concerning another school from Balatonfüred. A student who wanted to remain anonymous said that last year 20 student were brought up on drug charges.

“We did not expel anyone from school, nor did we bring up disciplinary charges against anyone. First time users got professional help from us, dealers were asked to find another institution to further their studies, so they would not endanger others” said the Headmaster of Saint Benedict school.

Police already caught the leaders of the dealer network. The 44-year-old Dezső K. has been selling marijuana and fake weed since the fall of 2017. He offered fake marijuana to minors, some of whom became returning costumers. The man was arrested in April. Last Friday the 28-year-old woman selling drugs to Dezső K. was also arrested.


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Source: borsonline.hu

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  1. It is not a drug scandal in a school. It so happens that some pupils who went to the same school were involved with drugs. This had nothing to do with the school whatsoever. Please get your facts right.

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