The Budapest Police Headquarters criminal investigation department is investigating the case of a 40-year-old Hungarian man and a 38-year-old Nigerian man who are suspected of drug trade on grounds of reasonable suspicion, reports.

According to currently available information, Tamás Sz. smuggled cocaine from the Netherlands to Hungary on December 10, 2016, on behalf of a Nigerian man. The cocaine was transported in 65 capsules which he had swallowed. Upon arriving in Budapest, he booked an accommodation for the same day in central Budapest.

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On the morning of December 11, he left the apartment, but at 9:15am, he was stopped by detectives at the cross of Erzsébet Street and Dohány Street. He was searched, and 61 white capsules, each measuring 12 grams, were found in his backpack. He told the police on the scene that he had swallowed 65 capsules, and 4 more were still in his body. After his capture, he was transferred to a medical facility to have the remaining capsules removed.

The Nigerian man on whose behalf Tamás Sz. acted, and who was in Hungary with a residence permit, was captured at 10:30am in Budapest, on Harmickettesek Square.

After their interrogation, the two men were taken into custody and their procedures of arrest have begun.


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