According to, Budapest dwellers believe that the capital is essentially liveable, but their opinion varies by residence and party preference. Everybody hates the sleazy condition of health care institutions, and many suffer from public cleansing and transportation issues. However, people are happy for the flourishing tourism, cycling developments and new means of public transportation. Závecz Research surveyed the opinion of city dwellers about Budapest.

The survey was conducted on a representative pattern of 500 people through phone calls in the first week of April, with a maximum +/- 4,5% margin of error. Závecz Research frequently conducts telephone opinion polls by the commission of Index.

On a scale of 1 to 10, people rated Budapest as a liveable city with 7,1 points. Buda dwellers find the city somewhat more liveable than Pest dwellers, while Fidesz voters feel way better about the city (7,7 points compared to the 6,3 points given by the supporters of the Democratic Coalition). All in all, everyone finds the city liveable irrespective of political preferences.

What do people love about Budapest?

City dwellers realise that they are surrounded by great things: their attitude towards the boost of tourism and new means of public transportation is positive (rate of 7,7). Fidesz supporters and Buda dwellers are the most likely to evaluate the capital as successful, while oppositionists and Pest dwellers are a bit less enthusiastic, but still positive.

Respondents find cycling developments (road network, Bubi) successful, and even though they are not overly excited about city developments (Heart of Budapest programme, renovation of Nehru Park and Castle Garden Bazaar), they are more than moderately pleased with those.

They are similarly pleased with tourist-magnet programmes like Sziget Festival and the gastro revolution. However, they are not so happy about the closing of Liberty Bridge in the summer (rate of 4,4), but diplomaed and young dwellers are not bothered by it. Regarding the evaluation of the party district, the opinions varied by age groups: the elderly is more negative, while the youth is more positive.

What do people hate about Budapest?

People think that the biggest problem is the condition of health care institutions, which was rated with 8.7 points. This is closely followed by corruption (8,5), and then infrastructural, transportation and public cleansing issues with relatively high rates.

Something interesting is that women are much more bothered by dog poop than men, while men resent traffic jams much more than women.

Crime received the worst rates from people with lower qualifications. The lack of nursery capacity and transportation (rates that vary between 6 and 7) are also problems for Budapest dwellers, only the existence of the party district was rated less than moderately disturbing (rate of 4).

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