reports that the registration has already started for the V4 Future Sports Festival organised in Budapest in March. This is the 1st international e-sport championship and conference hosted by the V4 countries, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia and Poland, the member states of the Visegrád Group. Here are the details!

At the press conference held on Wednesday, Tamás Deutsch, Commissioner of the Prime Minister responsible for the Digital Wellbeing Program and one of the organisers of the oncoming event, revealed that “the V4 Future Sports Festival can be an important step in making Europe get to know the Hungarian e-sport.” Based on the report of MTI, the commissioner also added that the digitalisation of sports has been in progress for decades which significantly has changed the sports industry.

Furthermore, Tamás Deutsch also pointed out that e-sport is the pioneer of all these changes and fortunately in Hungary, it has a very close-knit community.

On average, 1 million people play video games regularly, while the number of active e-sportspeople can even surpass 250,000. Since e-sport is the fastest growing sports platform in the world, whoever stays out misses out.

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“Two venues are going to host the oncoming festival: one of them is the BOK Sports Hall, while the other is the Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel organising the conference”, revealed Balázs Bíró, President of the One Million People for Hungarian E-Sports association, the other organiser of the festival. Both events are free to visit, but registration is obligatory.

The website of the festival is available here.

At the 1st international e-sport festival organised by the V4 countries, sportspeople from the participant countries can sign up for 4 games as individual competitors or as members of a team.

After the qualifying games, the best players will attend the grand finals. These are the League of Legends and the Counter-Strike Global Offensive games for teams, and the Clash Royal and the FIFA18 games for individual players. In addition to this, the festival also displays the latest technological inventions along with simulators, drone and robot football shows and further concerts.

László Cseh, Olympic silver and bronze medalist and World and European champion, is the social patron and the face of the event. However, he is also a huge fan of console games, more precisely car driving and shooting games, as they are excellent pastime activities. He believes that a professional e-sport player should practice as much, if not more than he has to in the swimming pool.

The championship is going to take place between 23-25 March. The event, the slogan of which is “The Sport of the Future, the Future of Sport”, awards the winner 1 million euro (313 million forints). So, let’s hope the best for Hungarians! 😀

Featured image: facebook/eSportHungary


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