According to, the animation of Stuart Grey, lecturer of University College London shows how we surround ourselves with space debris since the launch of the first Sputnik in 1957.

According to the Americans, more than 1100 artificial satellites have worked in the space last year, and there are additional satellites, around 2600, which are out of service. More than 21 thousand objects larger than 10 cm (rocket parts, inoperable satellite etc.) have orbited around the Earth, and there are about 500 thousand which are between 1 and 10 cm. In addition, there can be several million of objects which are larger than 1 cm.

The current situation is presented even better by Stuff in Space, which is a real-time 3D map that shows satellites, spaces debris and launch vehicle parts orbiting around the Earth. Lots of data is available about most of the objects which can be seen after clicking. You can watch what is just passing above Hungary; recently, the space debris called Pegasus, crossed the sky of the Carpathian Basin, quite low.

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