Budapest, March 8 (MTI) – The European Commission’s country report on Hungary criticises low achievements in basic skills, segregation and early drop-out in the chapter on education and skills, the head of the EC’s Hungarian representative office said on Tuesday.

Gábor Zupkó told a press conference that the report is objective and well-balanced, and it is expected to initiate dialogue between the government, various social and professional organisations and the commission.

It shows that students’ basic skills have deteriorated, which confirms information already shown by a PISA assessment and national competence tests.

There are many low achievers and their proportion is even greater than average among those that come from a disadvantaged socio-economic background, he said. Students from a disadvantaged background are increasingly in segregated education during their basic education. This especially applies to the Roma, he said.

The proportion of drop-outs in schools stagnated in Hungary in recent years while it was reduced in the EU. Hungary falls behind not only in the EU average but also in the region.

Hungary has achieved good results in improving the proportion of degree holders in the 30-34 age by 6 percentage points between 2011 and 2014. Still, at 34.1 percent, Hungary was 4 percentage points below the European average. Research shows that this gap is expected to increase, partly because of demographic trends and because of measures in recent years that have made it more difficult for students to get into higher education, Zupkó said.


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  1. It’s all and fine that the EC has finally observed one of the former East block casualties of COMMUNISM. The fact the a lot of the people were repressed and ended up a life of smoking and drinking severely. Why did it take the EC twenty five years to look at these countries for development and other mental stresses brought on by the commies. Sure EC, wake-up, get off your A$$e$ and start doing something good for a change, like support, not bashing these countries with your stupid B.S. multicultural crap.

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