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István Báthory, prince of Transylvania gave the founder diploma to the predecessor of the SZTE, the University of Kolozsvár on May 12, 1581. Remembering the event which happened 433 years ago, there was a commemoration at the bust of István Báthory in Szeged.

Professors of the University of Szeged celebrated under the strict gaze of István Báthory. 433 years, since the prince of Transylvania, gave out the founder diploma of the University of Kolozsvár in Vilnius. As a remembrance University of Szeged and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, put their wreath at the Pantheon of the Dóm square.

„After the first resumeof the history of the university – which been published a few years ago – the researches are continuing: the university history committee has begun a major document collection, so in a short time the second resume will be finished. This one will introduce the period between 1872 and 1919. May 12 is a moment of happiness because this was the day when the Latin founder diploma came out, on the other hand this is a moment of sadness, because on May 12, 1919 the Romanian troops occupied our predecessor institution, and closed the Hungarian university.”- said József Pál, vice-rector of public affairs and board member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, at the beginning of the event. Based on the decision of the Senate of SZTE in 2007, the university today thinks of the predecessor institution as the intellectual heritage of the modern university.

According to László Marjanucz (historian of the SZTE, leader of the Modern Hungarian Historical Professorship): Báthory established an university for Hungarians, which was able to provide equal knowledge as any kind of university in Europe. Back in that time there were no possibilities of going into higher education within the country, so if someone wanted to learn it was necessary to go abroad. IstvánBáthory was a true aristocrat, and the biggest thane of his time (he became polish king and grand duke of Lithuania), and by this act, he made the first steps of building a center of knowledge.

Many professors attended the event, József Molnár professor of medicine, member of the university history committee, TamásVajda who is the leader of the universityarchives, and István Hannus professor of chemistry.

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