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The Eger Wine Workshop and Eger Lions Club have joined forces to support Eger health workers who are working under tremendous pressure during the coronavirus pandemic. Members of the association have donated 1552 bottles of wine for sale and dedicate the income to finance the initiative called „1552”. The money will be spent on catering for hospital and ambulance workers so that they can focus on helping patients.

Though this is only the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary workload is already piling up with end to end 24 hour shifts. Once quarantine measures are introduced in health facilities workers will not be able to leave their workplace for days or even weeks. It’s easy to see why supplying food to health workers is such a vital issue.

In these hard times the Eger Wine Workshop wants to contribute to making health workers feel the backing of Eger citizens who they are working for.

All institutions where workers are required to make superhuman efforts to address the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic are eligible for support. They include the Eger Hospital and Ambulance Station, the local branch of the National Health Service Center, GP surgeries and also the Nurse Hostel. Restaurants located in or nearby Eger – Falánk Fanny, Fúzió, Macok and Senator Ház – have pledged to make and deliver food at cost price to any of the above mentioned institutions pending on arrangements with the coordinator.

How to donate?

Private people, firms, NGOs, practically anyone can make a donation by buying one or more of the 1552 bottles of wine at a standard unit price of HUF 2000.

Any amount is accepted but a bottle can only be purchased for a donation of at least HUF 2000. Handing over the bottles will start once the pandemic is fully over. Donors can get their bottles at the wineries against the receipt confirming the money transfer. In case some donors will not turn up for their bottles they will be donated to other charities.

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Who is the coordinator?

All coordination of the donations by Eger Wine Workshop is conducted by members of the Eger Lions Club. The organization is a member of Lions International, the biggest charity organization in the world. Besides the estimated income of HUF 3 million from the sale of the wines Eger Lions Club is of course happy to receive other donations and contributions. The great advantage of participating in this scheme compared to other occasional donations is that the beneficiaries are consulted on a daily basis to find out the required number of meals so at the end of the day there is no waste.

„It’s astounding to see that in the present situation when everybody is full of fear and uncertainty, health workers march to the lion’s den with no complaints and for the sake of our community expose themselves to the dangers of infection”, says winemaker János Bolyki, the originator of the initiative. „Unfortunately in all likelihood their burdens will increase over time to extremes ordinary people can’t even imagine. If there is any way we can help them then it is our duty to do so. Within a few hours all members of the Eger Wine Workshop have stood behind the project. Being winemakers our way of help is donating wines.”

Members of the Eger Wine Workshop (Bolyki Winery and Vineyards, Eszterházy Károly University, Gál Tibor Winery, Juhász Brothers Winery, Ostoros Family Winery, Petrény Winery, St. Andrea Winery and Vineyards, Thummerer Winery and Vineyards, Tóth Ferenc Winery) request everybody to support the initiative „1552” and also the Eger health workers in any way they can.

Source: Wineglass Communication

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