Budapest, February 10 (MTI) – About one hundred supporters of the opposition Együtt party gathered in Budapest to demonstrate against government policies near the venue of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivering a state of the nation address on Friday.

The group received the audience arriving at the event with boos and hisses.

“We are booing and hissing at Viktor Orbán because he can no longer be approached, does not answer the questions of journalists and no longer enters into discussions with politicians,” Együtt leader Péter Juhász said.

Péter Juhász, photo: MTI

Viktor Szigetvári, head of the party’s national political council, said that “Hungary can only earmark funds for a Museum Quarter, the Olympic Games or a new nuclear power plant because Orbán neglects modernisation, education and health care.”

Viktor Szigetvári, photo: MTI

Deputy leader Nóra Hajdu said that “Hungary’s worst enemy isn’t Europe but its own prime minister”.


Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. EGYUTT?? =TOGETHER?? REALLY?? you guys are the biggest bunch of commies yet. So you like to blow things… We’ll judging by your photos, there are a number of activities you could get involved in if you wish to blow, Balloons, rafts, childrens toys, and how about going to the red light district in Amsterdam where i’m sure they’ld appreciate your services too.

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