Budapest, 2017. február 27. Majtényi László egyetemi tanár (j) és Juhász Péter, az Együtt elnöke a párt elnökégi ülése után 2017. február 27-én. Az Együtt Majtényi Lászlót, az Eötvös Károly Intézet elnökét, volt ombudsmant ajánlja köztársaságielnök-jelöltnek. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

Budapest (MTI) – Opposition party Együtt supports the presidential candidacy of former ombudsman László Majtényi, party chief Péter Juhász said after talks between the board and the candidate.

It is of paramount importance to present a candidate who can truly play a role in the system of checks and balances, Juhász said in a joint press conference with Majtényi, adding that the two Együtt lawmakers in parliament are ready to vote for him.

Majtényi, whose candidacy is also supported by DK, said that the judiciary aspects of his programme are in complete accord with Együtt’s approach. They both envision a parliamentary democracy in Hungary in which the ruling party can be defeated by democratic means, and citizens’ rights are protected by independent authorities, with ruling and opposition parties getting the same publicity, he said. In “the fourth republic”, prioirities will involve the fight against corruption and poverty, and the promotion of sustainable development in protection of future generations, Majtényi said.

Source: MTI

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