The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has released its latest list of rankings. Eight different Hungarian universities were included among the two thousand best higher education institutions in the world.

Based on report, Harvard from the United States came in first, followed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The third prize was given to Stanford, California, founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford Shrine and a railway tycoon. At fourth, Cambridge, at fifth, Oxford, sixth is Princeton. The top ten also included Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania and Yale.

Universities in the United States and the United Kingdom have taken over the top 20 places. Boasting 13th place, the University of Tokyo was the only one who got into the Top20 as a representative of another country outside the USA or the Uk. Among the European universities, the French PSL University (21st place), the Swiss ETH Zurich (29th) and the French Paris-Saclay University (32nd) were also included in the Top40 list, as well as the Swedish Karolinska Institute (35th), the French Sorbonne (36th) and the Danish University of Copenhagen (37th).

This year, as well as last year, eight Hungarian institutions were included in the list, so there was no change in this area. Of the Hungarian universities,

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) performed the best,

the university finished in 591st place. The second was the University of Szeged (SZTE), which improved one place compared to last year and was placed 678th. Semmelweis University was in third place with 683rd place. The University of Debrecen (695th) entered the top 700, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics became 887th. The University of Pécs was the 1090th, and interestingly, the CEU, which officially moved to Vienna, was also ranked Hungary, which became the 1669th. The University of Pannonia was also the last Hungarian to appear on the list at 1949th place. Last year, ELTE finished at 588th, so the best university in Hungary only fell behind a few places.

China’s Fudan University, which is currently sparking major domestic political controversy, finished in 115th place. Among the neighbouring countries, Austria has excelled, with 17 higher education institutions on the elite list. A total of 7 Austrian universities are ahead of our gold medalist, ELTE, and the University of Vienna, for example, is 207th.

The Center for World University Rankings has been ranking higher education institutions since 2012: of the 20,000 higher education institutions, they select the world’s top 2,000 universities based on 7 criteria. Key aspects include the quality of education, employment opportunities for graduates, the excellence of faculty, the number of publications, and the citation rate.

As wrote a few days ago, the Times Higher Education (THE) University Impact list includes six Hungarian universities in their lists in multiple categories.

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  1. 591st, 678th, 695th, 887th, 1090th etc etc. Are you sure that these are rankings to boast about? I know that Hungarians tend be boastful people, but this is taking it to the extreme!

  2. Thanks for your comment anonymous, you made me laugh today! I had to re-read the article as I thought I’d misread the figures!

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