hungary election votes 2018
MTI by Biró István

Leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) on Wednesday called on the National Election Office to order the election repeated in three constituencies where Ukrainian-Hungarian dual citizens were bussed to “systematically” to vote in the April 8 general election.

The Kúria, Hungary’s supreme court, has also ruled that the practice was against the law, Sándor Rónai, DK’s deputy spokesman, told the press. While the government campaigned with the slogan that “Hungary decides”, “masses of voters were imported from abroad”, Rónai said.

He estimated that several thousand Ukrainian Hungarians could have been bussed to three constituencies near the border, where 24,000-25,000 votes could amount to a win.

All election frauds have to be investigated, regardless of their perceived weight, he said.

featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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