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Budapest, 2018. február 12. Az április 8-ai országgyûlési választás értesítõit szortírozzák a Magyar Posta Teréz körúti hivatalában 2018. február 12-én. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

The national election committee has so far registered 93 parties and 13 ethnic minority authorities for the April 8 election, the committee said after its meeting on Friday.

The committee registered 5 parties at its latest meeting. Registrations to run at the elections are to be submitted until March 6th.

Altogether, some 250 organisations are registered as parties with the National Judicial Office.

Parties can set up a national list of candidates if they are running at least 27 individual candidates in at least 9 counties and Budapest. Ethnic minorities that obtained recommendations from at least 1 percent of the electorate can also set up lists.

Source: MTI

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