Vona jobbik

The National Election Committee (NVB) has registered the national list of people’s patriotic Jobbik for the April 8 general election, as the party has nominated the required number of candidates in individual constituencies.

Jobbik’s national list, comprising 184 candidates, is headed by party leader Gábor Vona.

The party is fielding candidates in all 106 constituencies, meaning it meets the requirements for compiling a national list. Under Hungary’s election rules, only parties that field at least 27 candidates in at least nine counties and the capital can put together a national list.

The deadline for announcing the national lists was 4pm on Tuesday.

Parties may nominate a maximum of three times as many candidates on their national lists as the number of parliamentary seats that can be won from the votes casts for national lists, which is 93.

The NVB has also registered the national list of the Szegényekért Part (Party for the Poor) with 9 candidates headed by Dávid Oláh, as well as the national lists of the Bulgarian, Romanian and Slovenian National Self-Governments.

The Bulgarian national list of 5 candidates is headed by Szimeon Varga, the Romanian with 7 candidates by Trajan Kreszta and the Slovenian one with 3 names by Erika Köles Kiss.

A national minority may field candidates on a list with the recommendation of at least one percent of their national minority voters.

The NVB registered the national lists of all of Hungary’s 13 national minorities by the deadline.

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Source: MTI

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