If elected, Jobbik party would introduce reforms to protect the real value of pensions and boost basic health services, the party leader Gábor Vona told a press conference on Sunday.

The strongest opposition party would index link pension payments to the basket of goods specified for pensioners as well as to wages with a view to preserving their real value, Gábor Vona said.

He insisted that the government’s assertion that the purchasing power of pensions had remained constant was “propaganda”.

A Jobbik government would selectively raise pension payments rather maintain increases across the board, he said.

Further, Jobbik would allow taxpayers to divert the current 1 percent tax contribution paid to civil organisations to supporting their parents, he said. Jobbik would also introduce a measure allowing men to retire after 40 years of work as is the case for women at present, he said.

Vona also said Jobbik would focus on the funding of basic health care.

Some 300 general practices are currently vacant in Hungary, leaving around 400,000 people without a GP, he said.

The government has achieved “as good as nothing” in this respect, he said. The sector is in dire need of a substantial raise in funding, he said.

Source: MTI

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