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The leader of the liberal Momentum Movement has proclaimed his opposition party to be ‘nationwide’ after having obtained the relevant number of supporting signatures in 97 constituencies.

András Fekete-Győr told a news conference on Monday that fully 61,295 voters around the country had put their confidence in “a new political generation that has brought new thoughts, impetus and sincerity into public life”.

“We have become not only the largest non-parliamentary party but, only a year after launching, we have managed to nominate candidates for nine out of ten constituencies,” he said.

He said one lesson to be drawn from the signature collection campaign was that there was demand for cooperation on the part of the opposition forces to replace the government of Viktor Orbán.

Fekete-Győr said a nomination congress will be held on March 11 to discuss what can be done over the next month to replace the incumbent government.

Asked about teaming up with the green LMP party, he said there was no outlook for a coalition but cooperation would be a possibility.

He added that this week he and Bernadette Szél, LMP’s prime ministerial candidate, would propose getting the two biggest opposition parties, the Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance and the radical nationalist Jobbik party, to cooperate.

“If they cannot cooperate, we will have a tough time [winning] individual constituencies,” the Momentum leader said.

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