Governing Fidesz-KDNP enjoy more support among Hungarians than all other parties combined, less than a year before the next elections, a survey by the Nézőpont Institute commissioned by daily Magyar Idők shows.

The results of the survey, conducted in June, show 30 percent of Hungarians of voting age support the governing alliance.

Radical nationalist party Jobbik has the support of 11 percent of Hungarians and the Socialists enjoy the support of 7 percent. The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has the support of 3 percent, green LMP the support of 3 percent and the Momentum Movement of 2 percent.

The opposition Együtt, Liberals and Dialogue parties, as well as the satirical Kétfarkú Kutya (Two-tailed Dog) each have 1 percent of support.

If elections were held now, Fidesz would likely take 41 percent of the vote, Jobbik 23 percent, the Socialists 15 percent and DK 5 percent. LMP and Momentum would each get 4 percent, Kétfarkú Kutya 3 percent, Együtt 2 percent and Dialogue and the Liberals 1 percent.

Nézőpont polled 2,000 people in the survey between June 2 and 18.

Source: MTI

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