Budapest (MTI) – The “presence and behaviour” of a group of thugs inside the National Election Office at the time Socialist deputies and private individuals were submitting referendum initiatives was against the law, the National Election Committee said on Monday.

The Committee responded to a complaint filed by Socialist politician István Nyakó, who insisted that the thugs had held him up and a private individual, who had arrived at the office later, succeeded in stamping her document shortly before the Socialists could make their way to the checking spot.

Both referendums were proposed in connection with Hungary’s Sunday shopping ban.

The Committee said, however, that they could not ascertain if the thugs had actually held the Socialists up, or if “the private individual and her companion took advantage of the situation”.

Of referendum initiatives on the same subject, the Office deals with the submission first received.

Meanwhile, the Committee gave the green light to the referendum initiative submitted ahead of the Socialist proposal.

According to the proposal approved, voters would be asked if they agree that retails shops should continue to stay closed on Sundays.

The initiative was submitted last Tuesday, after which the Socialists filed their complaint and said a group of “bald-shaved thugs” had held up their representatives at the entrance of the Election Office while the other proponent and her companion could make their way to the checkpoint and have their initiative stamped arriving just a few seconds ahead of the Socialists.

Photo: MTI


  1. The socialists or the ‘spendallofits’, should stay out of politics. I have seen anything good come out of them ever, and they should talk about ‘Thugs’.

  2. This is probably another ruse to vindicate FIDESZ, by the Socialists and the opposition parties. This is also the sort of thing that the National Front do in Britain, to get at the opposition parties. The woman that went in to the office undeterred, was probably a member of the same group. Knowing what the Socialist parties are capable of, this is no surprise. Perhaps Gyurcsány is also behind it. MagyarMester, you are absolutely right, They are a party that ruins everything they touch or get involved with. They have no idea how to run a country, and do nothing but use the people for their own gains (personal profits) and close work places down and put thousands out of work. The Socialists are the same the whole world over. They should be banned from parliament and the country.

  3. Look at the FAT Soacialist in the front left of the picture-probably never done a days work in his misserable life, like many of them.

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