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The National Election Committee (NVB) has rejected a complaint submitted by the leader of the opposition Együtt party over a letter the prime minister had written to Hungarians living abroad calling on them to register for next year’s general election.

The committee on Thursday said it had rejected Viktor Szigetvári’s complaint without conducting a proper review of it, saying it did not have authority in the matter. It said in its justification that campaigning outside campaign periods is not regulated by Hungary’s election procedures law.

Szigetvari, who submitted his complaint as a private individual, insisted that Viktor Orbán’s letter to Hungarians abroad constituted “political party propaganda”.

Commenting on the committee’s decision, Szigetvári called it “outrageous” that “in lack of legal restraints there is no way to ban the prime minister’s political propaganda”.

“Orbán and his party can do whatever they like outside the campaign period, using public funds to increase their voter support,” Szigetvári insisted.

Source: MTI

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  1. @Együtt
    Get Lost!! I’m a Kulfoldi that demands my rights, too bad your having a bad day! I deserve to know about up and coming elections and if only Fidesz is willing to speak up, that means you Egyutt have a lot to fear!
    My only complaint is that even with the past referendum. It would be nicer if the letter contained some website short-cut links, so we could make the effort easier, rather than to search the WWW down all night.

    Thanks Victor!!

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