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Election Committee rejects referendum on chief prosecutor

Election Committee rejects referendum on chief prosecutor

The National Election Committee (NVB) on Thursday rejected referendum initiatives concerning Hungary’s chief prosecutor. 

The body said that the questions submitted would have “affected parliament’s powers over organisations and their personnel” which cannot be subject to a referendum.

The initiatives were submitted by the Momentum Movement and former MP Gábor Vágó.

Three of the rejected referendum questions were proposed by Momentum, aimed at annulling provisions under which the chief prosecutor, after his term expires, can retain his powers until his successor is elected.

Fina Aristic

The committee rejected four further questions submitted by Vágó. The first one sought to eliminate the immunity of an MP if they abused their voting rights to promote graft.

Vágó’s second question was aimed at preventing re-election of the chief prosecutor for a second term, while the third one suggested that the chief prosecutor could be withdrawn from his office.

Vágó’s fourth question suggested that family members of the chief prosecutor should be prevented from being employed by the National Bank.

Source: MTI

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