Facebook page of Notts County Football Club is shining in Hungarian national colors, thanks to a sudden increase in number of Hungarian followers, mno.hu says.

The Nottingham club, which is in the English 3rd class, thanked the support of the Hungarian fans by changing the background of their coat of arms to red-white-green.

According to mno.hu, the story is that one of the favorite football players of the Hungarian Internet society, Balint Bajner, known for his interesting statements, joined this club, so Trollfoci and its public started to bombard the team’s Facebook page with comments and likes. First, the surprised British banned users with Hungarian IP-addresses, but then they changed strategy and now this message receive the enthusiastic Hungarian followers:

“Welcome to the many thousands of our new Hungarian followers, we are pleased that you are here with us, and thank you for the supportive messages, good to see so many people interested in the club” – write the operators of the site in one of their posts.

Mno.hu would add that the interest is primarily because of Balint Bajner, star of the internet memes.

Anyway, it is not the first case when Hungarian fans of Bajner invaded a page of a football club: last summer, supporters took over Ipswich Town’s Facebook page. This club was the former team of the Hungarian striker, DailyMailOnline says.

based on the article of mno.hu
translated by BA

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/nottscountyfootballclub

Source: http://mno.hu/

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