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The brand-new Internet webpage called I Dance Hungary was established to help Hungarian communities who do not necessarily speak Hungarian to get closer to the culture and tradition of the Hungarian folk dance.

Origo reported that the new webpage started operating on Friday and, besides making the folk dance culture popular, it also brings Hungarian culture in general closer to anyone who visits this site. Mihály Kovács-Rosonczy, the founder of the webpage, said that:

“The Hungarian folk music and dance are treasures which help to understand our national culture.”

Orsolya Karlócai, the manager of the Friends of Hungary Foundation which helped in establishing this brand-new project, said that the aim of this webpage was to create a bridge between the Carpathian Basin and Hungarian people living abroad and to shape Hungary’s look in foreigners’ eyes. She also reported that:

Hungarian folk dance is the main component of this bridge, creating an opportunity for everyone to learn about Hungary, even non-Hungarian speakers as well.”

I Dance Hungary’s webpage offers English-language learning videos about Hungarian folk dances with exemplary Hungarian folk dancers who help to teach the first steps of folk dance to everyone who is interested in dancing. The music is provided by well-known Hungarian folk musicians who play the most popular Hungarian folk songs.

These videos also feature special scenes where people can learn about the Hungarian region where the folk dance is from.


Coordinator of the Rákóczi Association Alejandra Brum, who is from Uruguay, said that her parents emigrated to South-America one hundred years ago from Hungary, and they do not speak the language anymore, neither does she. When she was eight years old, her mother took her to a Hungarian folk dance class in Montevideo, and Brum loved every moment of it.

“I fell in love with Hungarian culture. I learned the Hungarian language and moved here when I was eighteen years old. It is important to pass down the tradition of Hungarian folk dance to the next generation.”

Featured image: www.facebook.com/idancehungary

Source: www.origo.hu

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