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It is pretty apparent at this point that the Hungarian language is one of our most popular topics on this site. It is definitely a unique and complicated language, which causes the most trouble for language learners all over the world. If you are interested in the topic, definitely check out these videos which are the most popular ones we could find.

13 fascinating facts about the Hungarian language

The Hungarian language

Language enthusiast Paul Jorgensen made a video about the Hungarian language which was posted about a month ago. The video was an instant hit; we also reported about it when it came out. This is a pretty educational video. He explains the history of the language briefly, then discusses its characteristics. Definitely check out his channel for other exciting videos of many different languages.

If you do not have … minutes to learn about the Hungarian language, learn Hungarian in 3 minutes with Lívia’s help.

The Travelling Weasels speak Hungarian

You can also learn Hungarian with this adorable travelling couple the Travelling Weasels. They are learning the most common Hungarian phrases. They actually made this into a series, and they made 4 videos when they are trying to speak Hungarian. Great job, guys!

Hungarian explained

The channel NativLang created another famous video about the Hungarian language, and it was uploaded to YouTube over two years ago. The video marvels at all the ways suffixes can be used in Hungarian to generate meaning. The video’s narrator also explains a series of examples that make our language so special, and so difficult to learn.

Hungarian Homonyms

If you want to hear what really funny second meanings some Hungarian words have, definitely check out the video below. A Hungarian girl is making her friends guess what the secondary meaning of really basic words like király [king], gáz [gas], or fény [light] is.

Australians (try to) speak Hungarian

A shout out to our Australian readers! These are doing amazing pronouncing some pretty difficult Hungarian word! Moral of the story: English and Hungarian spelling are waaaay different. Good job though! If you want to have a good laugh, definitely watch this!

Learn Hungarian with Barbara Palvin

I think we can all agree, that even if Hungarian is the most difficult language in the world, no one would be able to resist such a charming language instructor as Barbara Palvin. She is one of the most successful Hungarian models whose face you have definitely seen on the cover of Vogue, Marie Claire or Cosmo, she was also featured in Sports Illustrated.

Oh, and once we are here, DEFINITELY watch DAN With a Plan’s parody video of Barbara Palvin’s original version below:

Cool facts about the Hungarian language

If you want to hear an American guy’s thoughts on Hungarian, check out this video. He used to live in the U.S., then moved to Hungary. He also shares some tips for beginner language learners.

If you are interested in learning Hungarian, check out our mini language lessons, which will help you start.

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