writes, based on the report of, that a selection ended rather successfully for a 10-year old boy from Debrecen, as he is now signed to play in Barcelona.

Hopefully a great future begins for Csongor Szabó, player of the Debrecen Football Academy’s U10 category, as he will step up in his football career by moving to Barcelona. The young player was born in 2006 and is now given the chance to develop himself in the junior team of one of the world’s strongest football teams.

His mother shared some information on how he ended up being chosen, and it turned out that they sent a video of Szabó playing football to Barcelona a year ago for which the team invited the player for the 2016 selection. The first round was held in April in which 250 kids participated, of whom 48 were called back for another round.

Then, after the second round the team chose only 5 little players, including the Hungarian Szabó, who is now an official footballer of the U11 team of Barcelona. Therefore, he is going to move to the Spanish city with his family soon: his father will travel a lot to and from the two countries because of his enterprise, while his mother and sister will live fully in Spain.

The siblings will go to the primary and secondary schools of the same institute in Barcelona and, understandably, will have to study Spanish and Catalan to be able to communicate in the most necessarily languages and, besides, everyone does and is expected to speak Catalan at the football team.


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