Have you ever wondered what makes a really good school for kids? Is it a conducive learning environment? Or passionate teachers that enjoy what they do? Or could it be a learning curriculum that’s tailored to meet the needs of students? Well, the answer has to be a combination of all the factors above and more, plus an engaging area for play. Yes, you read that right! A playground is just as important as a classroom to the process of developing a well-rounded child. 

Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of play in the learning process and the overall development of a child. In the confined and often structured environment of a campus, a playfield provides the perfect environment for engaging in fun activities that kids would naturally find interesting. And what’s a school playfield without educational playground equipment for schools? Here are some of the important benefits of playground equipment.

A gateway to a healthy future 

While some may argue that children can ‘play’ anywhere, it is important to note that outdoor fun activities promise superior benefits. Research has shown that adults in this generation are guilty of transferring their increasingly sedentary lifestyle to their children. The result is a surge in childhood obesity and its numerous complications.

Current statistics from the CDC show that the percentage of adolescents and children “affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s.”

Encouraging physical activity is one of the easiest and most effective ways of combating the menace and playground equipment for schools do just that.

Even in facilities with limited space, a well-planned and well-equipped play area can increase the daily minutes of physical activity in children.