Eur.ope’s most complex playground in the City Park of Budapest welcomes children and adults as well from this autumn. After the landscaping process, architects and designers started to fill up the playground with more than fifty unique toys and extraordinary features.

Daily News Hungary reported before that the next phase of the Liget Budapest Project was to focus on family-friendly additions. Hungary’s biggest and most modern playground would be built in City Park, on a designated area of over 13 thousand square metres. Located on the south-eastern part of the park, the playground would be secure and available for children and families from autumn 2019.

playground, Budapest, Hungary
Photo: MTI

According to Benedek Gyorgyevics, director of the Liget Budapest Project, the project has reached its next phase, which is installing more than fifty unique toys and other features on the playground – reports The playground will feature unique slides, swings and other adventurous tools for every generation on an overall 13,000 square metres.

In details, the playground will feature fourteen different swings and carousels, three slide systems, six unique monkey bars, water games, sandpits, trampolines, interactive musical toys activated by movements, and seven special spiral toys. Moreover, these toys will be categorized into different generations which means that from youngsters to adults everyone will find

The centrepiece of the playground will be a multi-level climbing frame inspired by a painting of Pál Szinyei Merse, portraying a hot-air balloon. This also helps with the art education of children, encouraging artistic associations.

The secured playground will be located in the City Park next to Dózsa György Road and Ajtósi Dürer Sor. In 2019, seven new playgrounds will be built in the park to make it friendlier for families. In autumn, this brand-new complex playground will be opened for the public.

Featured image: MTI

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