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We have already reported on the best non-art related museums, the most popular Hungarian museums, or the most interesting museums in the countryside. This time, collected the weirdest museums you can find in Hungary.

When you walk into a museum, no matter which part of the globe you are at, there are certain things you usually expect: learning about art, history and culture through paintings, sculptures, texts, and sometimes interactive media. However, there are many museums out there that like to spice things up a little. Let us be honest: the weirdest items on display are the ones we will remember for sure.

These are the weirdest museums in Hungary, showcasing the most bizarre items ever.

The scary ones

Hospital in the rock, Nuclear shelter museum in Buda

The place used to be a hospital that was turned into a nuclear shelter during the cold war. The hospital played a significant role in the Second World War and during the Revolution of 1956.


However, the fear of a nuclear war was powerful in all nations during the cold war. This museum is disturbing, frightening, but definitely something you will not forget easily.

The Police Museum has a forensics exhibition which presents the most interesting murder cases that happened in Hungary, such as the so-called Viszkis-bűnügy [the whiskey robber case] or the very first Hungarian serial killer.


If you would like to experience something really terrifying, visit the Funeral Museum. This museum has a very peculiar collection of items. After all, what is more terrifying than death?


The Museum of Witchcraft is also a mystical place worth checking out.


Not scary but still weird

As well as the Pipe Museum and the Hat Museum which displays more than 160 hats from all over the world. If these are not weird enough for you, you can also visit a Stove Museum where more than 400 stoves are being displayed, many from the 19th century.

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