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These are the most popular Hungarian museums

These are the most popular Hungarian museums reports that the House of Terror Museum was the most popular museum in Hungary this year, based on public ratings. Last year’s winner, the Hospital in the Rock placed second.

The travel website, TripAdvisor, compiled a list with the most popular Hungarian museums each year. reports that the first place on this list is occupied by the House of Terror Museum. The list is put together based on user ratings.

Last year – quite surprisingly – the Hospital in the Rock, found under the Castle of Buda, was the winner. This museum is still in the top three this year: it is the second most popular.

There are a lot of changes this year, compared to 2016. For example, the Koller Gallery was not even in the top ten last year, but this year it placed third. There are seven museums from Budapest and three from the countryside in the top ten.


These are the most popular Hungarian museums:

1) House of Terror Museum, Budapest
2) Hospital in the Rock, Budapest
3) Koller Gallery, Budapest
4) Zsolnay Museum, Pécs
5) Zugfőzde Pálinkamúzeum, Visegrád
6) Holocaust Memorial Center, Budapest
7) Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
8) Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
9) Kovács Margit Museum, Szentendre
10) Vasarely Museum, Budapest

There is a slight change in the top three in Europe too: last year, the State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg was the winner, while the Musée d’Orsay was second. This year, the two have swapped places. The top museum in the world is still The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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