There’s a new look-out tower close to Budapest, and it’s the newest project of the Hármashatár-hegy (“Three Border Mountain”) touristic development programme, writes. Visitors can enjoy the full Budapest panorama from the tower which is already open for tourists. 

The tower was funded by the Pilisi Parkerdő Ltd., and it also financed the new Dévényi Antal look-out tower which was opened in Piliscsaba in June 2015.

Hármashatár-hegy, or the “Three Border Mountain,” already gives home to the Hármashatár-hegy Open-Air School, the ZöldBázis Touristic Centre, and the HangÁr Bistro. The new tower has an octagonal shape, it is 4 metres high, and provides an excellent view of Budapest and the Danube.

The special structure is made of pine-logs, and its base also functions as a resting place for tourists who follow the Blue Trail hiking path.

Besides the new tower the project also finances the renovation of the path between the ZöldBázis Touristic Centre and the tower, and the building of stairs and handrails.

The Pilisi Parkerdő Ltd. is currently working on projects that are part of the “Accessible Hungary Programme (BMP),” and their aim is to provide appropriate infrastructure and services to hikers in Hungary.


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