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A significant development will take place in District two of Budapest. This modern institution would like to decrease the lack of kindergartens in the Hungarian capital, and also would like to offer environmentally friendly methods to protect nature.

According to, the district’s local government would like to build this new institution from the financial support of the European Union, which is approximately 400 million Hungarian Forints (1,200,000 Euros), but the estimated amount will be the double of the original sum. Investors and architects reported that the kindergarten would be 1,167 square metres big.

This district is the most popular one among families. The number of children who are applied to kindergartens increases rapidly every year and there are not enough institutions in the district. Although the government expanded the institutions’ space, it is still not enough and improvements are constantly needed.

The place for this new kindergarten is provided by the district’s local government and its maintenance will be cheaper than that of other regular nursery schools’.

This brand new institution will be environmentally friendly, as it would use solar energy to produce electricity and rainwater to create fresh water. The building would also have a cellar and one floor, as well.

The location of this institution is favourable as it would be built next to a sports centre and a swimming pool. These institutions will cooperate with this nursery school and provide sports facilities and physical education classes for children.

kindergarten, architecture, plan, institution

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