Fidesz’s ruling alliance with the Christian Democrats is on course for a bigger win than five years ago in Sunday’s European Parliament (EP) election, according to a survey by Nézőpont.

The Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik and Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance are in a dead heat for second place, according to the poll commissioned by the daily Magyar Nemzet and published on Tuesday.

The Fidesz-led alliance is likely to get 54 percent of the vote in the EP election, handing it 13 seats, one more than it already possesses.

Second place is currently tied, with DK, Jobbik and Socialist-Párbeszéd expecting 10 percent, handing the parties 2 seats each.

With a participation rate of 32 percent, Momentum and LMP may also end up each with an MEP, with 6 percent and 5 percent support respectively, according to the survey conducted between May 2 and 19 with 4,000 personal interviews.

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Source: MTI

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