Budapest, May 3 (MTI) – Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party wants the kind of European Union which respects the rights of member states and national traditions, Ildiko Pelcz Gall, a party lawmaker, said on Saturday.

The EU should be the kind of organisation whose central institutions do not step beyond their bounds, the Fidesz politician who leads the party’s list in the European parliamentary elections told locals in the southern city of Szeged.

She said everyone should assume his fair share of the burdens of the economic crisis. And that applies to the banks, multinationals as much as it does to families, she said.

EU bureaucracy should not impede the improvement of efficiency or competitiveness but rather create the opportunities for these. A good EU does not stifle its member nations but rather respects their competitive advantages, she added.

A minimum expectation is that everyone should stick to their obligations, and the European Commission’s job is to ensure that everyone does so with impartiality, rather than employing double standards, she said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. That’s telling them hypocrites, Ildiko. Speak up for ours and other nations, to these liberal retards that don’t know how to follow what they originally preached at the time of membership!

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